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“I do know that there are very few companies with the amount of blue sky possibilities that this one has.”

That was a very reassuring and welcome comment from “ctoivo,” one of Everton’s supporters on the Stockhouse bullboard earlier this week.

I happen to agree wholeheartedly with him, or her, and I’m grateful for that person’s understanding of our activities and our future prospects in the Dominican Republic.

I know from speaking with friends in our industry that the bullboards are an important barometer for measuring the attitudinal disposition of our investors, supporters and of course, our detractors. I watch and read those comments as do my peers and associates and we appreciate them. They are important to us.

Everton Resources Inc. and our operating partner Brigus Gold, announced earlier last week that we’ve started our 600-metre deep drilling program on the southern portion of Ampliacion Pueblo Viejo.

Our deeper, 1,200-metre drilling should commence sometime in April. As history has shown to us, we’ll probably see results either at the beginning or the end of our program.

But, as I said Wednesday in our news release, this is what our investors have been waiting for. So have we.

Like a good adventure novel, its that penultimate period in an exploration company’s life - just before the plot unfolds - where the business drama begins in earnest.

This is that period where geophysical and metallurgical theories - extrapolated by Robert Wheatley, our Vice-President, Exploration - who also happens to be a world-renowned economic geologist - combines experience, common sense, technology and luck to produce a storybook ending.

Looking ahead, we have perhaps one of the most interesting exploration and discovery challenges among any gold explorer today, drilling our VMS anomalies at Ampliacion Pueblo Viejo. Our program should take us through the remainder of this year.

The numbers say it all.

We know La Lechoza holds the possibility of becoming a commercially viable resource. And we expect to announce the commencement of our NI 43-101 resource calculation in the coming weeks to validate that prospect.

For the time being however, our focus remains on La Lechoza and what we expect from her, and those “blue sky” possibilities we expect from deep drilling under the southern litho cap of APV.

We need only validate the evidence we’ve accumulated during the last three years to prove that the gold deposit that sits on our neighbor’s property - that is the 23.7 million ounce proven resource held by Barrick/Goldcorp - runs onto and through our property.

The coming weeks and months might well complete our story.

Andre Audet

Chairman & CEO

Everton Resources Inc.