In 2007, Everton acquired its 100% interest in the 53 km² Jobo Claro concession adjacent to the eastern edge of the Pueblo Viejo Mine.

The Jobo Claro concession is covered by the volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Los Ranchos Formation, the same rock unit that hosts the Pueblo Viejo Mine. A regional stream sediment sampling program carried out between 1997 and 2000 by Sysmin for the Mining Office (Direccion General de Mineria) of the Dominican Republic, covered the Jobo Claro concession. From the 17 stream sediment samples collected on the concession, three returned anomalous gold values ranging from 11 to 75 ppb as well as two others, yielded values of 83 and 93 ppm, for a respective background of 10 ppb gold and 65 ppm copper.

A 96 shallow-hole air-track drilling program was completed in November 2006, to penetrate the Quarternary sediments cover and to test possible bedrock and geochemical anomalies. Favourable geology and altered units with sulphide mineralization were cut in some of the holes.

Based on a recent review of the helicopter-borne magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data, in conjunction with new structural interpretation and air-track drilling data, Everton announced in November 2007 that at least six different targets were to be drill-tested in late fall 2007, including one target that is approximately 1 km from one of the Pueblo Viejo mine pits. All drill targets at Jobo Claro are located along a structural trend in the south-eastern extension of the Pueblo Viejo Moore pit. Airborne magnetics and EM data suggests the presence of mafic intrusives and some NE-SW shallow structural conductors. The drill program was completed in December 2007. Results are pending.

Based on the drilling results and final interpretation of the adjacent Ampliacion Pueblo Viejo concession, a follow-up exploration program will be proposed in early 2008 at Jobo Claro.