June 10, 2004  
Over 20 high-priority targets identified by induced polarization and magnetic geophysical survey in Bayaguana and Los Hojanchos, Dominican Republic - Drilling to start by the third week of June

Everton Resources Inc. and its JV partner Globestar Mining Corp. are pleased to announce preliminary results from the ground geophysical program that was recently completed on the Bayaguana group of properties, in the Dominican Republic.

The ground geophysical program was covering geochemical and geological targets in the Dona Amanda (45 Mt @ 0.45% Cu, 0.22 g/t Au) and Dona Loretta (hole CC-07: 24m @ 2.0% Cu, 0.3 g/t Au) areas for a total of 90 km of induced polarization (IP) and 97 km of magnetics. The data processing by Gérard Lambert Geosciences defined over 20 different anomalies that constitute targets for semi-massive to massive metallic sulphide mineralization in the bedrock, most of them being at shallow depth (<50 meters). IP anomalies appear to be in three distinct clusters in the Dona Loretta area covering 4 sq-km each, suggesting the existence of massive mineralization. Most of the anomalies will be tested by diamond drilling starting next week. Also three step-out drill holes will also test the extension of the large-scale Dona Amanda copper/gold resource.

Another series of IP anomalies will be tested as well on the Los Hojanchos concession located 4 km southeast of the Pueblo Mine concession, where Placer Dome is presently conducting a feasibility study on a 17 million ounces gold resource. The IP data from a survey carried out by Falconbridge in the mid-1990’s was re-examined by Gérard Lambert Geosciences in order to better define the 3-D continuity of the metallic mineralization recognized earlier this year on the field. A total of 8 first-priority and as many second-priority IP targets were outlined on Los Hojanchos and most of them will be drilled once the program is completed on Bayaguana. The first phase of the drill program is scheduled to last 7-8 weeks. Over 20 targets for approximately 2,000 meters will be drill-tested.

Marc L’Heureux, professional geologist, is the qualified person for Bayaguana and Los Hojanchos exploration programs.

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